Hello, and how lovely of you to join us!

Most call me Shaun and my interests have always included photography, animals, escaping the Scottish weather and travel, and this blog combines all four of them, for people seeking to relive BBC and Nat Geo documentaries without breaking the bank!

I am a student in Scotland who has British and French roots, so you’ll see a fair bit of local patter and mots francais sprinkled around this blog liberally. I’ve had a keen interest in animals since I was learning to read, and when I learned what a world map was and meant I dreamed of seeing them in the wild through travel. That got stoked any time I visited a zoo, watched The Lion King or The Jungle Book or flipped through an encyclopedia. I then went through a Hegelian anthithesis scenario of being led to believe travel was prohibitively expensive, before finding out that’s not necessarily the case.

Bloggers have done amazing work to open up the world to those with thin wallets, experimentally finding ways to travel on the cheap even concerning the most expensive places and activities. Less of this exists for wildlife travel though, and although you can find plenty of posts here and there talking about how to do African safaris or go SCUBA diving on the cheap, there are few blogs out there dedicated to wildlife-focused budget travel. Time to do what travel blogging was born to do, methinks, and go trailblazing!